F.A.R.M. Montana


Future Agricultural Resources for Montana, F.A.R.M., is a non-profit group with a volunteer board of directors committed to educating our children and our communities, on the importance of local sustainable agriculture.  

F.A.R.M. was created to facilitate the education, preservation and acquisition of important agricultural lands in Montana.

To do this, we offer educational presentations, classroom instruction, activities and workshops to show the importance of local sustainable agriculture.

We provide hands-on learning opportunities on planting your own seeds and nurturing them in to plants, food preservation methods, and planning a garden. We discuss the importance of local sustainable agriculture and the benefits for our health, our community and our world.

The permanent preservation of locally important soils for agricultural use is another goal of F.A.R.M. In Missoula County, only 8.9% of prime local agricultural soil remains, and half of this soil exists in the Orchard Homes and Target Range areas. This is a startling statistic and we feel we must encourage as much of these agricultural soils as possible to enable future generations to produce food on a local level.

We encourage everyone to learn where their food comes from, how it is grown, harvested and preserved. We invite you to become a supporting member of F.A.R.M. to assist in the future development of educational programs and land preservation.