I've been stirring the pot since March 2015. Located in the Missoula Valley of Montana, Black Bear Soups & Produce provides local goods to local folks. Myself and some wonderful partners along the way are planting, growing, chopping, dicing, and stirring all season long. We are happiest when we are providing our community with wholesome and delicious food grown by ourselves and our farm partners. 

Our Story

Farming and living in western Montana, I've learned there are a lot of people who are missing out on the wholesome, beautiful, and healthy foods produced in the surrounding agricultural valleys. Black Bear Soups & Produce and our farming friends have been working hard to provide access to these fresh goods, but a few key factors seem to keep local fresh foods from reaching the greatest number of people:

  • Our growing season is short.  Montanans just don't get to have local tomatoes in February.
  • Some produce items, commonly referred to as "seconds," are high in quality and nutritional value but low in aesthetic appeal. 
  • Montanans are busy. It is rare in our time for anyone to prepare everything they eat from wholefoods.

Witnessing these challenges, I decided to make soup.

  • Black Bear Soups is a way to extend the availability of goods produced during the short growing season. Our future vision is to offer a frozen product that can be consumed through the winter.
  • We can buy and use "seconds" from other farmers, reducing on-farm waste.
  • Ready-made soups are a quick and healthy option for Montana's busy eaters.  Montanans can take care of themselves and their farmers while still living their busy lifestyles.

Soups are back this season! You can get a bowl at the Clark Fork River Market in Missoula May-October.  We've also got fresh produce and flowers. Feel free to ask questions about what we have this season.

Go well and stay well,


Black Bear Soups & Produce was first conceived in the summer of 2013. The idea stemmed from a desire to farm and to serve the local community in the best way possible. We love a good bowl of soup, and we hope you'll share in our food and our ideas. Please support the work of those making our foodshed stronger.

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