Prairie Heritage Farm is a certified organic, diversified farm near Great Falls, Montana, just outside Power, on the short grass prairie where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains.

We grow fresh vegetables, heritage turkeys, ancient and heritage grains (Prairie Farro being our favorite), lamb and kiddos. We sell most of what we grow throughCommunity Supported Agriculture, or CSA, farm shares in the Great Falls area. 

We believe in organic farming, family farms and local food.  

The farm is owned and operated by Jacob and Courtney Cowgill, two central Montanans returning to their roots. Jacob grew up on Red Butte Lane, near Sand Coulee and Courtney spent her childhood on a farm between Dutton and Brady. We both left Central Montana as young adults, for school and careers but came back as soon as we possibly could. 

We wanted to find a way to make a life in Central Montana but we also wanted to give back to the communities that raised us -- to be part of sustaining and reinvigorating the culture and economy of rural Montana.

Prairie Heritage Farm is, in a lot of ways, the kind of farm that existed in this region 50-100  years ago: diversified, small-scale and locally based. Our vision is to be a model for how to revive elements of that old kind of agriculture alongside the kind of agriculture that has sustained our communities in the last several decades.

We believe that family farms nourish not only the people who work them, but the people they feed and communities in which they live. We believe organic agriculture, diversification and a robust local food system are good for the health of our farm, our customers, our community, ourselves and our environment.

The experience thus far has been full of excitement, experimentation, the occasional bout of “are we really doing this?” but mostly, a deep appreciation for the opportunity to be back home, on the land, feeding our neighbors and friends.

Prairie Heritage Farm is focused on three main enterprises:

Fresh Vegetables

Pasture-Raised Livestock

Heritage and Ancient Grains

We sell all three products direct to customers, by individual orders but a large part of our farm is devoted to what’s calledCommunity Supported Agriculture, or CSA, as it’s sometimes referred.

With Community Supported Agriculture programs, customers buy in to the farm, essentially becoming “shareholders.” In return they share in the bounty -- and risk -- of the farm.

In our vegetable CSA program shareholders pay up front in the spring and in turn, get a weekly bag of produce for 16 weeks. 

In our Grain CSA, or the Grainy Day Box, shareholders monthly get 2 to 4 pounds of grains and seeds not readily available anywhere else: Sonora Heritage Wheat, Prairie Farro (an ancient wheat also known as emmer), Bronze Barley, lentils, and other crops. Each year we also trial a variety of other crops like dry beans, oats, amaranth, and dry corn.

Ask us about signing up for any of these Prairie Heritage Farm CSA programs.

In addition to selling direct to eaters, we also love selling our farm products through these awesome businesses:
2J's Fresh Market, Great Falls (fresh produce)
Mountain Front Market, Choteau (fresh produce)
Daisy's Deli, Great Falls (look for farm-fresh salads, etc.)
The Crooked Tree Coffee & Cakes, Great Falls (look for special baked goods featuring farm veggies, herbs and flour this season!)
Market Day Foods, Bozeman (grains and grain shares)
Western Montana Growers' Coop (grains and grain shares)

Jacob and Courtney Cowgill